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Learn how to properly execute flips & tricks. Improve strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity, and physical control in a safe and fun environment. Our tumbling classes are available for BCC Teams & non-BCC members. We have highly qualified and skilled tumbling coaches, who are dedicated to athletes personal growth. Our gym operates at a 8:1 athlete to coach ratio, to ensure quality training. We host a number of tumbling workshops, private/semi lessons & camps, along with tumbling for Acro dancers!

Please review our schedule for class options. 

Tumbling for DANCERS

At Brantford Cheer we have coaches with wide ranges of expertise ranging from gymnastics, cheer & dance. There are slight differences in how skills are meant to look from cheer to dance. We understand proper technique and have a wide variety of effective drills to help aid dancers in developing strong tumbling skills. When our coaches teach tumbling to athletes coming from dance backgrounds we understand how their dance teachers are going to want certain skills to look. We also understand proper dance terminology and will even use it when coaching to ensure your child does not become confused between dance, gymnastics & cheer terminology. After a child achieves a new skill we take this skill off our sprung floor & onto a harder surface to prepare for a dance floor. 


Skill: Front Walkover

Scenario: A child puts one foot out to prepare for a front walkover.

Correction using dance technique: “Point your toes, extend your tendu and turn out your foot” 

Private Lesssons

Private Tumbling is the best means to getting results fast. We find this is the MOST effective way to gain new skills. During our private tumbling class the coach will ask the child what skill they are looking to tidy up or work towards. The coach will then move through a series of drills to pinpoint the child’s weaknesses and adjust the drills to ensure the child is working towards their goal. The coach will then begin to work on the child’s desired goal providing feedback at every step, mini body position and control drills, hands on spotting and constant corrections. At the end of each private lesson, the coach will go over what the child can do safely at home to ensure skill progression. 

Private tumbling lessons may be set up for any time during the week and is simply based on availability of the instructor requested.

Private lessons are 30 minutes long. 


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