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Set personal goals & achieve them!

45/min weekly

Starting at $40.00/monthly 


Tiny Team

Team Spark September to March

1 hr/weekly

Uniform & Bow

Starting at $100/monthly


Half Season Cheer

Team Shock September to Jan

1 hr/weekly

1-2 competitions

Uniform & Bow

Starting at $100/monthly 


Recreational Cheer

Learn stunting, tumbling & jumps! 

45/min weekly

Starting at $40.00/monthly 


Prep Cheer

Team Flare September to May

2 hr/weekly

2-4 competitions

Uniform & Bow

Starting at $150/monthly


All Star Elite

Invitation Only 

Teams train July - April

4 hr/weekly

6-8 competitions 

Elite Deluxe Uniform & Bow 

Starting at $250/monthly 

What is ALL STAR?

Elite All Star teams are for athletes who wish to take their training one step further. These are athletes that who dream of traveling to competitions, training for world teams and even trying out for Team Canada. Elite athletes are dedicated to both personal progress and team success, they work hard to obtain skills and support their team. This team requires a high level commitment. All star teams compete 6-8 times a season with travel across Ontario. 


  • Previous experience in gymnastics, dance or cheerleading

  • Ability to both financially, emotionally & physically to the team

  • Potential athletes must attend tryouts in June

Why Choose All Star?

All Star Elite teams are a LOT of work but they come with a TON of rewards. We offer our All Star teams special perks such as open gyms, extra training, fun pre-competition week training, team bonding and a special year end party. Plus, our All Star families receive updates on NEW club swag, equipment & special offers. All Star teams get deluxe uniforms & bows that are EXTREMELY glittery and COVERED in BLING! In addition, to the BEST uniforms these teams get customized music for competitions that say their team name & colours. All Star athletes train extremely hard and they have a high standard they must meet inside the club, at home, during school and in their community. They are expected to be a part of their community and give back throughout the season via community service such as making cards for seniors, cleaning up garbage after the now melts or hosting can soup drives. This program is heavily focused on learning life lessons through the vehicle of All Star Cheer.


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