The Brantford Cheer Club offers many different programs ranging from beginner to advanced both competitive and noncompetitive.

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Mini Cheer

Our Mini cheerleaders are between the ages of 5 to 8. They will begin to build a cheer foundation by learning proper tumbling, basic stunts, cheer chants & dance techniques. In our mini division we focus on educating athletes on how fitness can be fun! Mini cheer is all about having fun, making friends & of course teamwork!

Youth Cheer

Youth cheer is open to ages 6-11. Our youth programs are beginner friendly, we start our season off with lots of review! Cheerleaders will then continue to build on tumbling skills, learn intermediate to advanced cheer stunts, chants & dance techniques. During, our youth cheer season we teaching our athletes about goal setting. This is our fastest moving program, many of our athletes start out the season with little to no skills, ending the season with an excellent skill set. This age group is perfect for sibling to join!

Senior Cheer

The Senior cheer team is appropriate for 8-14. This team is for athletes who wish to advance quickly. Cheerleaders continue to expand tumbling skills and develop advanced stunts. The Senior team focuses on discipline, leadership, goal setting & educating our athletes on maintaining healthy active lifestyles. During, the season senior cheerleaders have the opportunity to take on leadership roles in our other programs & gain coach training!  

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